Viruses & Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are a symbiotic part of the human domain, in that they are part of our bodies and macrobiome. Bacteria and ‘germs’ may be the very reason we evolved from a single cell organisms into the complex macrobiome we are today. explores the science and theories that explain and grapple with human existence. Why are we here? HOW are we here? And perhaps the most pertinent question: Why are we still here?

Whatever the answers, bacteria and viruses have shaped human development, evolution, and inexorably resulted in our existence and survival. Microbes were the first colonizers of the earth – we can find paleontological evidence of microbial life going back three and a half billion years. They were here first and probably played an intrinsic part of why humans evolved from a single amoeba.

This article is the pilot of a series exploring bacteria and viruses. Please be patient – the volume of information is astronomical… .

Part 1 looks at viruses – what they are, how they are classified and how they kill (or barely kill) us. From the virtual eradication of smallpox and the hoped for herd immunity protecting us from some ‘flus and measles we start exploring the nature of viruses and why achieving a 60% infection rate in a population is a possible protection – certainly more effective than a vaccine that would provide debatable protection, especially from a virus that mutates regularly.