Views on Covid-19


News updates on Covid-19 from various medical practitioners from around the world. We look at the science, evidence-based, functional, and naturopathic medicine.

As an introduction, we take a brief look at what exactly viruses are and where they come from.

How viruses are classified, and where they originate

This animation shows what happens if you get Covid-19.

This is what happens if you get Covid-19

Covid-19, being a new virus in humans , has zoonotic origins, and therefore may manifest and present in new (and novel) ways in people.

There is much debate on the pathology and understanding of this coronavirus. The symptoms seem to differ across age groups, and has different fatality rates across gender and age.

Here’s a brief assessment from a few medical practitioners:

How scary is Covid-19? Not as scary as Ebola, but definitely like a really bad ‘flu.

Influenza kills many people a year, worldwide. Your age, general health and the state of your immune system, along with any pre-existing conditions will influence how well – or not – your body copes with the virus. he same is true for Covid-19, as far as we know. Some people experience it as a mild cold, some get no symptoms at all, and others, especially the elderly ad those with pre-existing respiratory conditions end up in intensive care…or dead.