Should you wear a mask to control Covid-19 spread?

Wearing a cloth mask is recommended for controlling the spread of Covid-19. Wearing a mask can protect you from inhaling droplets, touching your nose and mouth in the event that you have touched a virus-contaminated surface. It also prevents spreading germs if you are contagious yourself.

Face-masks are recommended as an addition to hand-washing and social distancing. The face mask should never be promoted as the primary prevention strategy and should not be promoted separately from hand-washing and social distancing for the ordinary person. People in high person contact environments should take additional measures such as frequent sterilizing of all surfaces that come into frequent contact with touching.

This video explains why and how wearing a mask can protect both you and others.

Here is a set of tutorials on how to make your own face mask. Medical masks are in short supply throughout the world, but making your own with material you have around the house is a viable option, especially if you cannot get out of the house.

Some of these require sewing skills, but there are no-sew masks included in this playlist.