Immunity is a very large concern at the moment. It’s usually something that concerns us either when we have children, are faced with an onslaught of a circulating virus, or when we venture into territories with scary diseases like Ebola or yellow fever.

There is some debate as to whether vaccines or recovering from a viral infection is the better option. Many alt. health practitioners recommend that surviving and overcoming an illness with a healthy immune system is the best option, while mainstream medicine swears by vaccines, even though some vaccines are weak protection like the somewhat-effective chickenpox vaccine and seasonal influenza vaccines.

To be immune implies that your body has antibodies, or white blood cells that have built up specific recognition and defence against a virus’ germs.

There is some debate around the longevity of immunity to some viruses. People have been known to get a diseases twice especially something such as ;seasonal’ influenza, as the virus mutates from one season to the next.

Here are a collection of videos on how immunity is achieved, how long (or not) one can remain protected after fighting off a virus, and the efficacy of vaccines.