Crystals: Science or stupidity?


The rising popularity of utilizing crystals and their physical properties, and accepting their ‘metaphysical’ properties seems either new-age bunk or ancient, uneducated, unscientific and complete nonsense by the majority who think a rock cannot hold any properties, let alone the ability to affect its surroundings… unless you use a laser or a quartz watch.

But then there is the quantum world of simultaneous divergent possibilities and string theory and the discovery or theory that matter can be a particle and a wave at the same time. So what are we to think? If crystals are just lumps of rock then red jasper can be used in place of a ruby in a laser? And watches can use glass instead of the vibrational frequency offered by quartz. Here is an interesting article on the specific vibration of Quartz. The science says no.

Can sympathetic vibration exist in a world beyond sound? Can the solid matrix that makes up a stone have resonance and in turn affect our physical and subtle body?

Why are diamonds hard enough to cut rock and salt dissolve in liquid? Crystals indeed have different properties. They can be measured with sophisticated instruments that exist in a world before the large Hadron Collider was functional. Instruments such as multimeters and oscillators are able to measure the frequency of crystals. It is scientific and logical that different frequencies will have different effects on a locus – and if you understand that we are beings of different energetic layers then it makes sense that crystals can be used to precipitate different outcomes in physics and ‘metaphysics’.

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