Covid-19 infection tracker

Covid-19 tracker. Watch the worldwide live statistics. This real-time tracker shows official numbers and data on the worldwide infection rate. Load the ...
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Meat shortage inspires more to eat plant-based protein

By Dan Curtin, Greenleaf Foods  In periods of change, we often find comfort in simple pleasures. A great burger is one of them ...
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Immunity is a very large concern at the moment. It's usually something that concerns us either when we have children, are faced ...
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Should you wear a mask to control Covid-19 spread?

Wearing a cloth mask is recommended for controlling the spread of Covid-19. Wearing a mask can protect you from inhaling droplets, touching ...
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Intermittent fasting

Fasting has been practised for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years for religious and health reasons. There is much documented evidence on the ...
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Viruses & Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are a symbiotic part of the human domain, in that they are part of our bodies and macrobiome. Bacteria ...
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Crystals: Science or stupidity?

The rising popularity of utilizing crystals and their physical properties, and accepting their 'metaphysical' properties seems either new-age bunk or ancient, uneducated, ...
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Recommendations on Covid-19 infection control

This set of recommendations on Covid-19 infection controls was taken from a media briefing by Minister of Health, Dr Zwelini Mkhize, from ...
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Views on Covid-19

News updates on Covid-19 from various medical practitioners from around the world. We look at the science, evidence-based, functional, and naturopathic medicine ...
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